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TESTIMONIALS Wat zeggen onze oud collega's? Emma, Rotterdam 2021 I came to StartDock because of the presentation of previous interns Koen and Lisanne, who go to the same school as me. The thing that really spoke to me about this internship was the small scale of the organization, you really get to know all of your colleagues and, of course, the Dockers! Being an intern at StartDock has the advantage that there are many different responsibilities, so you have the opportunity to learn about many different aspects. What I would advise the next interns is to try to get to know all of the Dockers as quickly as possible, by doing so you will really make the most of your time since you can really build fun relationships! Myrthe, A'dam Keizersgracht 2021 Hoi! Mijn naam is Myrthe en ik loop stage op de locatieK eizersgracht. Het is bij StartDock altijd gezellig en de dagen zijn nooit hetzelfde. De ene dag ben je moodboards aan het maken en de andere dag staat er een verbouwing op de planning. Ik ben bij StartDock gekomen via mijn school en uiteindelijk via de vacature op de website. De vacature sprak mij meteen aan. Wat ik heb geleerd bij StartDock is om veel eigen verantwoordelijkheid te nemen, het leiden van eigen projecten en het opzetten van een nieuw platform. Je krijgt bij StartDock veel vrijheid om je eigen dagen in te delen waardoor je veel verschillende aspecten van het bedrijf leert kennen. Aan de volgende stagiair zou ik willen meegeven dat je goed moet kunnen plannen, erg zelfstandig moet zijn, veel verantwoordelijkheid kan dragen, goed moet kunnen socializen en communicatief vaardig moet zijn. TESTIMONIALS Wat zeggen onze oud collega's? Julia, Rotterdam 2021 I ended up at StartDock through a vacancy site made available by the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. When I visited the StartDock location in Rotterdam for the first time, I was immediately excited! What I have learned so far at StartDock is that the organization really encourages you to step out of your comfort zone. By stepping out of your comfort zone you learn to develop and grow. You also get the chance to start your own projects which teaches you to work independently. Finally, you will also learn how to deal with different types of people, within StartDock there are Dockers with many different areas of expertise, this will give you a glimpse into different fields and you will learn from this. That is what makes the internship so much fun! If you like to get in touch with other people and develop yourself professionally as well as personally, an internship at StartDock is the thing for you. Noa, Rotterdam 2021 Hi, I am Noa and I'm one of the three interns at the location Westplein in Rotterdam. I'm now in my 2nd year of International Facility Management at Breda University of Applied Sciences and via school I found an internship at StartDock. "I am very happy with my internship at StartDock, I really get the freedom to undertake things myself. For example, I came up with the Triple Treats in Rotterdam; this is a weekly concept where we offer the Dockers something tasty. We have Motivation Monday, where we start off the week healthy, Midweek Wednesday, where we break up the week with an unhealthy snack & we have Refreshment Friday, where we serve drinks to toast on the weekend!” Something I really like about this internship is that you get the opportunity to grow and learn about what you find interesting. I like organising events and I also find sales very interesting, here I got the chance to dive a little deeper into that!