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Stagiaire / Internship Relocation Team Expat Management Group – Amsterdam As a young, dynamic international legal service provider to its clients that are involved in business in the Benelux countries (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg), Expat Management Group offers a personalised approach in dealing with all aspects of corporate immigration and relocation of employees and individuals. Expat Management Group has an established strong presence in the Benelux and works with experienced professionals who have secured a legal and business background at the largest global corporate immigration law firms in the world. This solid combination allows Expat Management Group to provide appropriate solutions to immigration challenges for your employees and other individuals in the three Benelux countries. What does a intern Relocation team job description include? Supporting the Relocation Team in relocating employees and their families from one country to another as part of their employment. The main role is being able to set up and oversee the relocation package to be delivered to the employee, ensuring that the transition from one country to another runs as smoothly as possible. The responsibilities range from recognizing immigration requirements, organize house moves and schooling, assist with other settling-in aspects. · S)he is the main contact person for the international transferee and works closely with the corporate client · (S)he is able to build an excellent relationship with the international transferee, his/her family and the corporate client contact person(s) · (S)he has knowledge of the various programs to be delivered on request of the corporate client · (S)he oversees all practical aspects in the most efficient sequence to be organized while moving to another country, in most cases The Netherlands · (S)he schedules pre-move orientation tours (with content of interest to the transferee) · (S)he searches for housing, coordinates appointments with real estate agents, negotiates rental price and lease conditions, checks the rental contract · (S)he searches for (international) schools, has knowledge of the various (international) education systems, communicates with the schools to arrange placement · (S)he schedules appointments for registration with the Dutch authorities, obtains the BSN number, opens a bank account · (S)he is able to assist and advice about the personal needs for information from the transferee such as finding a local doctor and dentist, language lessons, sports clubs, childcare, exchange of driver’s license, etcetera · (S)he maintains a good relationship with all thirds parties such as real estate agents, admissions office of international schools, removal companies Internship allowance 4-5 days per week At least 3 months internship