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Vacancy for Agriculture, Logistics, Agribusiness & Rural Development Studies in Ghana Facilities for intern Supervision project field: Project Manager (MSc. Business Administration) & Manager Small Scale Farmers and Cocoa Affairs (Start-up Manager, Bsc. Regional Development & Innovation). Both managers, with many years of experience in the Ghanaian cocoa industry, will supervise the student. Plus daily supervision in the field. Introduction and guidance during project: The student will be introduced in the field and to the organisations at start of internship. Accommodation options: Accommodation will mainly be in a hotel in Samreboi (Western Region). This hotel doesn’t have hot water, there is often no electricity and the food which can be expected is rice with chicken. General project information Project name: Cocoa Farmers Agricultural Rural Labour Agency Project type (practical/research/policy): Practical Intended for interns from following study fields: Agriculture, Logistics, Rural Development, Agribusiness, Development Studies or any other related study Total project duration: Continues Preferred starting period: 1st of August 2015 Number of students required: 1 Visit our website| Like us on Facebook Project description Background of the project: By September 2015 Cocoa Farmers Agricultural Rural Labour Agency will be a registered organisation. The project aims at matching the demand for skilled labour, machinery and quality agro-inputs to cocoa farmers on credit to enable increased production and improved rural employment. The Agency offers training to the common youth to become a farm management professional. Their deliveries are meant to support farmers who are in need of extra help for a particular on-farm activity (i.e. pruning, rehabilitation, spraying or weeding etc.) or farmers who for one reason or the other (absentee, sick, old aged etc.) are in need to have their farms fully managed (i.e. farm maintenance, post-harvest handling up to transparent sales of crop) on their behalf. Labourers who are now designated as Service Providers can now enjoy a full employment status and benefit from steady income, insurance, pension and other welfare packages. Expected benefits from novelty includes improved yields and incomes for the farmer and improved standard of living. Youth in rural areas don't have to move to the bigger cities or use their services to the small scale mining industry. Literacy levels will be enhanced and this will have cascading impact on the rural community. The government will benefit from the higher qualitative cocoa output in the country. Child labour will be non-existent through the availability of skilled labour. Cocoa Farmers on their behalf earns a margin on the labour, rental of equipment and a commission on the agro-inputs. For now the agency focuses mainly on cocoa farmers which include: 1. Absentee farmers 2. Old aged farmers 3. Farmers who do not have access to inputs and/or equipment 4. Larger acre farmers 5. Busy farmers with other responsibilities 6. Women who don't spray or can't do the heavy work Main results will be: Farmers: 1. Available and reliable skilled labour. 2. Better farm maintenance and use of inputs results in increased production. 3. Higher income through transparant sales at KCL 4. Stimulate rehabilitation of abandond farms (absentee farmers and bereaved families) 5. Option for other alternative livelihoods 6. Access to quality agro-inputs 7. Access to credit 8. Business skills through registration and sensitisation Labourers 1. Employment for youth in rural areas will increase 2. Improved standard of living 3. Empowered status 4 Training (GAP, documentation, planning and communication) complemented with certificates Communities 1. Child labour will be drastically reduced because of the option to hire labour and it will no longer be necessary to use children for (dangerous) work. 2 The application of agrochemicals by trained people will lead to the efficient and effective use of these products. 3. Occupational health and safety 4. Proper waste management Role of the intern: The intern will assist in the many activities in the field. Specific activities: 1. Planning of the work in the 2 districts, Samreboi and Mumuni Camp. Especially monitoring and improving the planning structures; 2. Monitoring on sales, registration, stocks of inputs and machines; 3. Writing of a very practical field and training manual for the labourers. All activities described in this manual should be in line with the policies and standards of the UTZ Certified and Rainforest Alliance; 4. Supervision of renovation activities at the district warehouses in Samreboi and Mumuni Camp; 5. Development of a post-harvest village for the agency. The agency wants to use the newest box fermenting and drying techniques. This improves quality, gives us an increased market access with potential premiums and will reduce theft of cocoa beans in the villages; 6. When necessary supervises the labourers on the farm; 7. Constantly improves the model in the field to ensure that work becomes more efficient; 8. Checking the weekly reports send from the districts before sending to management; 9. Any other activities as requested by your Supervisors. Measurable end product (report/advice/development/product):  Training and field manual on all activities the agency is doing on the farm.  Improved documentation structure or even assistance on creating a customised software for planning, sales, stocks linked our existing organisations.  Renovated warehouse and office spaces for the agency Intern requirements Intern characteristics/qualities: We are searching for person who can work independently, likes to work in the bush, can live with the local circumstances, can easily adapt to new cultures, can do different activities at same time, is able to supervise (natural leader) more people, is ready to do all (dirty) work as required for the operations of the agency and is a positive minded person with patience. Fully self-funded or reimbursement for accommodation & transport: The Intern has to arrange own ticket. Most costs are for the student. In the field accommodation will be paid and a daily per diem for food and drinks. Whenever there is a vehicle available the student will be supported. There might be instances whereby the student has to travel with local transport. Other criteria/selection procedure: We offer you a very practical internship. You can learn a lot about the Ghanaian culture in the rural areas. It’s a good starting point whereby you can see if Africa is a place you want to work after your studies. You are part of a new organisation which is unique in its kind in Africa. This means on one hand that a lot of the structures are not yet in place but on the other hand you can achieve a lot. potential Role Let’s Go Africa * Assists with all preparation and organisational support for the internship * Matches vacancy with intern’s personal and University criteria * Publishes vacancy on the online internship board of different Universities in the Netherlands *Sends intern’s CV to the partner and does personal screening of candidates * Ensures accommodation costs are transferred to project/ accommodation owners beforehand Interested? Contact: Noor van Hout Consultant (MSc) Programma Manager/ Supervisor Let’s Go Ghana T Ghana: +233 541082283 W E Hoofdkantoor Nederland: Korhoenderveld 44 5431 HH Cuijk Kamer van Koophandel: 60323310 BIC: INGBNL2A • IBAN: NL23 INGB 0006 3799 75 Bezoek onze website| Like ons op Facebook