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Social Work Vacancy B&D in Cape Town General project information Project name: Our Second home B&D Project type (practical/research/policy): we are a training facility for people with special needs. It is a coffee shop where we train them to become waiters, baristas, assistant chefs. Intended for interns from following study fields: Social work, business and innovation. We would like to start catering after a couple of months of opening, so we can use assistance from now on. Total project duration: 4, 5 or 6 months projects Preferred starting period: as soon as possible Number of students required: at least 1 social work student, not more than 2 at the same time. Project description Background of the project: A Dutch social work student did her internship in South Africa in 2010. She fell in love with the country. And moved to South Africa in 2012. While she was volunteering she noticed that there are not a lot of facilities for people with disabilities, especially not for people with an intellectual disability. She has been working in the food industry her whole life, her dad owns a bakery and used to have a lunchroom. So, she decided to set up a lunchroom where people with special needs can work. In the Netherlands she contacted existing B&D branches and they were very enthusiastic to help. That is where the idea came from to start a B&D branch in Cape town. Problem statement: We are looking for social work or social studies interns to help with the training of the young adults with special needs. The B&D branch is totally new in South Africa and needs improvements on the business side and on income generation including cultural differences. Goal: The interns train the people with special needs and assess them with some help of the supervisor. Business and innovation interns can look into the business policies of B&D and make recommendations for improvements. Role of the intern: Help with the training, guide them in their new job adventure (after 3 months we assess a young adult if they are ready to look for another job a paid job like at any other restaurant or catering service). The intern can then also go with and teach the staff members at this place how to work with a young adult with special needs. Specific activities: Guide the young adults with their daily tasks, set up their personal goals with them and supervise to make sure they work on their goals. Ones a young adult goes to another workplace they can join and help supervise for a couple of days. Interns will also help to train the staff members of the new work place how to work with this particular young adult. Eventually after a couple of days we leave and the young adult is completely on their pay roll. Business interns can review the existing concept and suggest integrating their advice on policy improvements. Measurable end product (report/advice/development/product): Interns can write a report or advice on how to make our program work better. If they notice that a product needs to be implemented for instance an extra pictogram board or anything like that, then that can also be created. Roel van Hout (MA) General/Programme Manager Let’s Go (Southern) Africa T +31 (0)6 45197822 W E Office address: Korhoenderveld 44 5431 HH Cuijk Chamber of Commerce: 60323310 BIC: INGBNL2A • IBAN: NL23 INGB 0006 3799 75 Visit our website| Like us on Facebook Facilities for intern Supervision on appropriate project field: supervision will be done by the Dutch owner and founder of B&D Cape Town or the manager Degree of supervisor: Social work (owner) and business (manager) Workspace for intern: The shop at long street, and the office which is right there Introduction and guidance during project: this will be done by the owner Accommodation options: We do not offer accommodation, but together with Let’s Go Africa we can find a suitable place to stay close to the project. Intern requirements Intern characteristics/qualities: be independent, passionate, can handle stress and loves to work with young adults with special needs, also be adventurous and patience. Cape Town is very different from the Netherlands culture wise, so Let’s Go Africa will prepare you for this. Fully self funded or reimbursement for accommodation & transport: fully self funded. We can look into transport reimbursement, but at the moment we don’t have money for that we are a non profit organisation. Other criteria/selection procedure: Make sure that you can work with special needs adults the whole day. That it is your passion. Role Let’s Go Africa * Assists with all preparation and organisational support for the internship * Matches vacancy with intern’s personal and University criteria * Publishes vacancy on the online internship board of different Universities in the Netherlands * Sends intern’s CV to the partner and does personal screening of candidates * Ensures accommodation costs are transferred to accommodation owners beforehand