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Vacancy Health Care People Empowerment Foundation Uganda General project information Project name: Health Care Project type: practical, research & policy Intended for interns from following study fields: Health Care, Social Work, Psychology, Finance Total project duration: ongoing Preferred starting period: as soon as possible Number of students required: 4 Project description Background of the project: People Empowerment Foundation (PEF) was founded in 2012 by a Dutch lady and is based and run by a local staff in Kampala, Uganda. Their projects are focused on sharing knowledge as well as offering the means to increase self-sustainability. PEF works together with local organizations to enable a better future for the weak people in Ugandan society. Prevention, self- sustainability and empowerment are key to our work. They offer projects in the fields of education, health, agriculture, social work, entrepreneurship and women empowerment within rural communities and place motivated and enthusiastic interns and volunteers from different parts of the world in these projects that they are most passionate about. Problem statement: According to the Central Intelligence Agency, 36 million people live in Uganda of which 25% live below the poverty line. The foundation hears the stories of many unheard Ugandans in Kampala and asks people to listen to them. How they have to fight against the consequences of poverty, hunger, disease, unemployment and injustice. Stories to be heard and to replace by new stories. Goal: They want to simplify and enable the way to quality and affordable health care for our target group. Role of the intern/project Needs: - How can we help children and parents to have better nutrition? - How can we improve healthcare centres sustainably, what is the best method and what can we do with the limited resources we have. - How can we get adolescents more interested in our health talks? For instance can methods like sports, music and drama help? - How can we improve our monitoring and evaluation strategies (to really see the result of our efforts)? Specific and general activities: - We need to create more counselling manuals - Timely updating of IEC materials - Identifying other subjects to tackle, necessary for the community and essential for the whole public - Training on issues concerning health - Creating a network of referrals in case of special cases - Lobbing funds to enlarge the project to be able to offer more health services - Improve our methods of creating less costing program activities. Can the community give back more? - Improve reporting structure (electronic and physical folders) - Improve our income generating activities. - Improve the teams presentation and individual counselling skills for the different target groups (using different methods and role-play). - Improve on general knowledge of important themes such as health issues, how to go about abuse, what to do when people are showing difficult behaviour. - Trainings on office work and different skills for the staff and community - Creation and strengthening of partnerships - Advise on organisational work and introduction of new sub topics to add on the already existing ones. Measurable end product (report/advice/development/product): Overall report of activities, progress and results Roel van Hout (MA) General/Programme Manager Let’s Go (Southern) Africa T +31 (0)6 45197822 W E Office address: Korhoenderveld 44 5431 HH Cuijk Chamber of Commerce: 60323310 BIC: INGBNL2A • IBAN: NL23 INGB 0006 3799 75 Visit our website| Like us on Facebook Facilities for intern Supervision on appropriate project field: You will have a supervisor to guide you during the internship. Degree of supervisor: Bachelor/Master depending on field Workspace for intern: PEF Office Introduction and guidance during project: Introduction and guidance are provided continuously. These carefully selected PEF internships and volunteer projects offer the opportunity to experience rewarding placements with progressive organisations in exciting destinations. Accommodation options: Most of PEF's projects are placed in and around Kampala region, Uganda. You will be accommodated at an international guesthouse in Nansana area in Kampala or you can choose for your own apartment. Intern requirements Intern characteristics/qualities: For all programmes we strongly advise people to come for at least 4 weeks, but there are exceptions were they might accept people coming from 2-3 weeks. The longer the better in terms of sustainable development. This project partner requires independent, dedicated and suitable individuals that are able to work on their own and as a team without continuous supervision. Interns will be working at a more career focused strategic level and developing local capacity to work effectively and with meaning, as well as gaining valuable hands-on, practical experience during their placement. Fully self funded: Yes Other criteria/selection procedure: Stand out from the crowd by developing your knowledge and experience in an international setting and making a valuable contribution to sustainable development; focus on skill exchange and let us organise an all-inclusive package including mentoring, accommodation, food and transport. Role Let’s Go Africa * Assists with all preparation and organisational support for the internship * Matches vacancy with intern’s personal and University criteria * Publishes vacancy on the online internship board of different Universities in the Netherlands * Sends intern’s CV to the partner and does personal screening of candidates * Ensures accommodation costs are transferred to accommodation owners beforehand