bool Social Work/- Marketing internship on Girl Empowerment and Community Building in Ghana -
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Vacancy Social Work/- Marketing on Girl Empowerment and Community Building in Ghana General project information Project name: GGG Community Building/ Girl Empowerment Project type (practical/research/policy): practical/ advocacy Intended for interns from following study fields: Sociology, Social marketing, Social Development Studies, Cultural Anthropology, Education, possibly teaching students. Total project duration: 3 months Preferred starting period: n/a Number of students required: Project description Background of the project: GGG advocates social change advocate social change with girls and their communities for the equality of girls and the improvement of their education. We do so by empowering girls in weekly girl group meetings and quarterly community meetings as well as home and church visits. Problem statement: Lack of family and community support to send girls to school as well as girls not daring to speak up on their wishes to go to school Goal: Change the communities’ and families’ perception of role of girls in society and the importance of education. Empower and inform girls for a better future. Role of the intern: various options to be discussed. Specific activities: 1. Think about ideas about to create social change within the local communities 2. Develop and implement ways to inspire and motivate girls 3. Assist with (local) fundraising projects and awareness 4. Create new project ideas to reach the their targets/goals. Measurable end product (report/advice/development/product): Develop trainings and activities to create social change, capacity building. Facilities for intern Supervision on appropriate project field: we are a small NGO who has various specialists on advisory level. The Executive director is a social marketing and marketing specialist. A Social Studies lecturer, a medical doctor a.o. We have 2 people in the field, 1 who is a teacher by trait and 1 who is our coordinator with a background in business. Degree of supervisor: See above Workspace for intern: in the field/ the communities and mobile office. Introduction and guidance during project: Our field coordinator will be working with the volunteer Accommodation options: depending on wishes we can place the volunteers in a guest house or with a family in the community. Intern requirements Intern characteristics/qualities: independent, entrepreneurial, social, open-minded Fully self-funded or reimbursement for accommodation & transport: self-funded but re-imbursements for local transport Other criteria/selection procedure: We have a preference for girls/women due to the nature of the work Role Let’s Go Africa * Assists with all preparation and organisational support for the internship * Matches vacancy with intern’s personal and University criteria * Publishes vacancy on the online internship board of different Universities in the Netherlands * Sends intern’s CV to the partner and does personal screening of candidates * Ensures accommodation costs are transferred to project/ accommodation owners beforehand