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Zanzibar Health Care project General project information Project name: Health care Project type (practical/research/policy): practical and research. Intended for interns from following study fields: pharmacy, nursing, psychology, surgery, medicine, any related field. Total project duration: from 2 weeks to a year. Preferred starting period: any time. Number of students required: 1 to 15. Project description Background of the project: Many diseases are regularly found in most of sub-Sahara African countries including malaria, cholera, HIV/AIDS, accident related injuries, mental ill, etc. This program designed to support and develop innovative vaccines or treatments for these diseases and improve public health for the well being of the Zanzibar society. Problem statement: Zanzibar community is suffering from many diseases including malaria, cholera, etc. Goal: to prevent disease, prolong life and promoting human health. Role of the intern: supporting a local hospital, protecting and promote the health of patients and public, taking care of the patients, Contribute to teaching and training doctors and other healthcare professionals, including by acting as a positive role model. Specific activities: engaging with colleagues to maintain and improve the safety and quality of patient care, use resources efficiently for the benefit of patients and the public. Measurable end product (report/advice/development/product): outcome report. Facilities for intern Supervision on appropriate project field: Supervision from hospital and volunteer Coordinator. Degree of supervisor: master degree. Workspace for intern: hospital. Introduction and guidance during project: two days of orientation over project and volunteering life. Accommodation options: Guesthouse in Stone Town. Intern requirements Intern characteristics/qualities: willing to help, good spirit, graduate of college or university. Fully self-funded or reimbursement for accommodation & transport: fully self-funded. Other criteria/selection procedure: Role Let’s Go Africa * Assists with all preparation and organisational support for the internship * Matches vacancy with intern’s personal and University criteria * Publishes vacancy on the online internship board of different Universities in the Netherlands * Sends intern’s CV to the partner and does personal screening of candidates * Ensures accommodation costs are transferred to accommodation owners beforehand Roel van Hout (MA) General/Programme Manager Let’s Go (Southern) Africa T +31 (0)6 45197822 W E Office address: Korhoenderveld 44 5431 HH Cuijk Chamber of Commerce: 60323310 BIC: INGBNL2A • IBAN: NL23 INGB 0006 3799 75 Visit our website| Like us on Facebook