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SWYDO​​: Reporting, Monitoring and Workflow for Online Marketers Create professional online marketing reports, save time and show your impact Inside Sales​​ - ​Sales​​ ​department (Internal-stagiaire) In the sales department of Swydo marketing qualified leads will turn into sales qualified leads by starting a 14-day free trial. This trial period is for the client to get as much knowledge of our product that the prospects wants to buy a paid subscription. This process is mostly automated and can be seen as market and sales automation. We continuously improve this process by analysing data. In these 14 days we will reach out for these prospects to find out what they need in order to create the value they were looking for. It will be a major part of your job to contact these prospects at the “right” moment in this process. You need to be able to analyse data, suggest improvements in this process and mostly get in touch with the clients to make them successful. You You are curious. You are eager to learn. You speak English. You want to improve, in anything. You own it. You must like talking to clients, have a good ear to find out what a client actually wants and determined to get all the prospects the best experience for them. If you think you are the person that has the responsibility, character and urge to become a member of this team you can react. Make sure we get your urge, preferably in a video. Promise By joining this department you will definitely grow in dealing with prospects, learning to optimise processes and see what it takes to have several departments working together. If you need more, just let us know. Yes, you (can) get paid. Although we think you should pay us. You get lunch and you need to play Fuss (tafelvoetbal).