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I'M IN Nopster B.V. Nopster is transforming the event industry with its revolutionary event app: I'M IN. Using a mobile app, I'M IN gives its users the chance to win free prizes and experiences, such as admission to (sold-out) music events held across Europe, by playing a simple mobile game. I'M IN also provides its users an extensive event calendar through which the consumer learns about upcoming events. I'M IN has a large, young and dedicated community that is growing exponentially throughout Europe. The vast majority of the I'M IN users are Millennials, aged between 18 and 35 years old, which are interested in music (events). This makes I'M IN the perfect marketing channel for events and brands targeting Millennials. I'M IN currently has offices in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), London (United Kingdom) and Ibiza City (Spain) and is soon to open more offices throughout Europe. Next stop: Berlin! Nopster B.V.Our website Language: English English Nederlands