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KeyoPass Social Impact Remote Internship Join The Future of Social Impact & Travel Introduction The KeyoPass Internship Program offers a wide array of internship opportunities for all skill levels, and embodies 7 core company principles: Hard Work - Works, Share Positive Energy, Be Fun & Creative, Teamwork Wins, Deliver Wow, Always Be Humble, and Embrace & Drive Process. While we offer defined internship programs, we work in a fast-paced startup environment, so by nature, we are very flexible and dynamic which gives our interns a lot of opportunities for cross-functional roles. Therefore, a Social Impact Intern, for example, will also have the opportunity to work on research and analysis as well as sales and marketing. We find it an advantage if a candidate is flexible and eager to learn. About KeyoPass KeyoPass: The Social Impact Travel Platform The platform combines social good with travel to make it easy for people to access impact-related activities in their city, or anywhere they go. It also creates a new revenue stream for nonprofits and improves donation transparency. Current Focus: The Social Impact Shop Nonprofits: Increasing revenue for nonprofits by creating shareable impact products people can donate on-demand. Consumers: Donate to local nonprofits and make an impact. Help your city, people, and the places you love! Social Impact Internship As our Social Impact intern, you will fully emerge in the world of impact and social good working with nonprofits and social good travelers. You’ll be learning about the nonprofits, local communities’ needs, volunteerism, awareness campaigns, what works, and what challenges the industry faces. Armed with in-depth knowledge and the power of the KeyoPass platform, you’ll be responsible for empowering existing/new nonprofit partners with tools to help their organizations achieve their missions while facilitating an impactful experience for travelers and locals alike. You are… ● Native English speaker​. Your banter game is high, switching tone easily from professional emails to educational blog posts, to witty social posts. ● Word savvy. ​You have exceptional writing skills and can craft everything from emails and blog posts to policies and summaries. ● A utility player​. You’re willing to find resolutions to customer issues early, late, and often. ● Graceful. You are self-aware, well-spoken on the phone, eloquent in emails, and can maintain top-notch professionalism in social media spaces. You’ll humbly be the voice of KeyoPass. ● Fun​. You’re a charismatic people person who can talk to anyone; you’re flexible, fearless, and excited to help build something awesome and share it with the world. ● Self-driven.​ You have solid organizational skills, integrity and great follow through on tasks. ● Responsible​. You do what you say you will when you say you will, and aren’t afraid to raise your hand when things are going off course. As the voice of KeyoPass on social media, you never guess or assume, you stand by the company values, find out the answer, and reply responsibly. ● Knowledgeable ​about how traditional social media works (think Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube). ● Autonomous​. You can work on your own and be self-sufficient with minimal supervision. You can take our company online training, materials, guidance, mentoring, and instruction - and produce top-notch results. It’s all about the details. Bonus points if you are​: ● Bilingual​. English is a given. Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, German, Dutch, or Japanese will give your application a boost, but are not necessary. ● A traveler, world explorer, and foodie (gold stars if you are, it’s ok if you are not… yet). You’ve been around and experienced cultures, cuisine, landscapes, architectural marvels, and historic sites and can bring in that extra knowledge to add value to the conversation. ● Someone with ​strong general knowledge who is naturally curious about the world. You have your finger on the pulse and enjoy knowing what’s going on in the news and popular culture. Minimum Requirements ● Native or advanced English (verbal and written). ● Solid communication skills. ● Ability to set and prioritize goals. Role and Responsibilities You will be helping to grow our nonprofit partnerships and signups, while also helping to grow our social good platform outreach. We will be working with many nonprofits globally creating a brand new and impactful way to travel and do good around the world, so you must be ready to work hard to achieve the goals set forth during your internship. Some of your key responsibilities are below, but know that in the start-up world, anything goes! Working with the Content team on: ● Create content for impact products and other content across our entire platform. ● Ensure our content is compelling and that the company voice is consistent across all products. Working with the Sales team on: ● Client management, support, setup, and quality. ● Partner calls, negotiations, acquisitions. Working with the Marketing team on: ● Social Media channel management, support, analysis, and community building. ● Tracking, analysis, and reporting to drive insights and deliverables. ● Innovative offline/online marketing campaigns planning and execution. Our Management Style We believe in training our interns and then giving them the freedom, ownership, and responsibility to work on their own to achieve their goals during their time with us. We give interns real tangible work with attached defined goals that assist the company in moving forward and help interns to learn about building products, relationships, sales, marketing, and new skill sets that will carry on to future life endeavors. Having interns get us coffee is not our style, having them complete big guerrilla goals - that’s us. Benefits ● Help build the world’s next tech giant from the ground up. ● Work on real projects that matter to the company and to the world. ● Add something to your resume that is meaningful, while learning useful skills. ● Work across the social impact, travel, and technology spaces. ● Be part of a product that is working hard to do good in the world and make a real impact. ● Get the chance to come up with your own ideas that impact core product offerings. ● Take a deep dive into the world of tech startups, and what it takes to go from vision to product to a user’s hands. ● Join a team of hard-working, smart, dedicated professionals with deep domain knowledge across technology, web, mobile, operations, travel, social impact, networking, and sales. ● Workspace environment. ○ Due to COVID-19, take part in our remote internships that offer the ability to work from the comfort of your home during the business hours of your local timezone. ○ Participate in online meetings with our team, as well as 1:1 meetings with key executives and stakeholders. ○ We work in a multicultural environment with a diverse team of talented women and men from all over the world, who work hard with respect, humor, and willingness to share their knowledge. The common language is English. ● Our entire team receives discounts on all local experiences and activities offered on our platform. ● Smart Casual dress code. No tie or a suit to work with us. Bottom line​: You have to be ready to hustle! You must be ready and excited to get your hands dirty and help build a growing business. You care about building something that changes the world, and doing whatever it takes to get there!… Are you ready? Key links The Social Impact Platform: The Social Impact App: Intro Video: KeyoPass App Intro Video: www.keyopass.com www.keyopass.com/app https://youtu.be/1pxEWgeAbzI https://youtu.be/KJ-4AKuH09I